What do i do if my basement floods? Remain Calm, Select Restoration will help you understand the first steps in fixing your Flooded Basement problems.

A Flooded Basement can happen at any time here in Michigan do to the season changes. Basement Flooding can often be attributed to inadequate drainage around your basement walls, heavy storms, a faulty sump pump or appliance failure. Many basements have floor drains to keep the space from flooding with water and damaging the floor and walls. Dirt and debris often get caught in these drains, preventing water from draining out. Some homes also have sump pumps, which work to move water away from the house and into the nearest storm drain. If a sump pump fails and can’t move the water, you could experience flooding in your basement. After a basement flood, the most important thing to do is to remove the water immediately and dry out your basement completely.

Contact Us For A Free On-Site Flooded Basement Cleanup Consultation Here In Fraser 

  • We offer 24 hour Emergency Response, 30 Minutes To Fraser
  • Fast Flooded Basement Cleanup – Sewage Backup’sSump Pump Failures, Toilet OverflowsHot Water Heater BurstFrozen Pipe Burst – ETC
  • Controlled Structure Drying System – Fans, Commercial Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers
  • Removal of Wet Building Materials, Drywall-Carpet-Padding-Base molding etc.
  • Moisture Mapping, Documenting all Wet Materials – Photos
  • Discuss Priority Areas and Needs With the Consumer
  • Removal of “at risk” Content Items to Reduce Consequential Loss
  • Daily Monitoring and Review of Structural Drying Process | Anti-Microbial Application
  • Insurance Adjuster Meetings, On Site Negotiate & Settle Insurance Claim
  • Full Service Reconstruction for water damage repairs